Like other countries, international students studying in UK may choose one of three types of housing: the dormitory, in homestay or rent room / home.
However, with my experience in the field of study, I recommend that you select in the dormitory in the first semester to be able to become familiar with the new environment and quickly integrate, receive the new features in England.
The public transport in the UK there is a difference between local and convenient to travel with or difficulties still depends largely on where you study. However you still can fully control them.

Most students study in the United Kingdom often moved by means of public transport by usability as well as the cost of its super savings. You can move easily and quickly in the city by bus, metro or more simply ... walk.

If you want to travel, explore other cities in England, the train or intercity bus is the best choice for you.
Cost of living
Subsistence level in the UK less pretty than the US and Australia. This fee varies depending on the region, in London or in the southeastern city usually more expensive than in the North, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. However, the cost of living will be determined largely by how your spending. Typically the cost of living in the UK will fluctuate in the range of 10000-12000 £ / year.

Scholarship opportunities
Not only the name in the list of countries with the best education in the world, the UK is also one of the countries providing the largest number of planets. In the UK you can find many scholarships such as: scholarship of the government, of schools, of teachers, of the units of organization / business, ... and if they do well in the learning process, the students can fully obtain the value of the scholarship next year.

Under the provisions of the British Government, you are only allowed to work for a maximum 20 hours / week when the UK to study. Therefore, working part-time in bars, restaurants, supermarkets, or go babysitting, teaching English to foreigners is usually selected by the majority of students.

Salary you can get is usually calculated by the hour, an average of 4-7 pounds for an overtime. If lucky enough to collaborate for the main company or school, you can earn £ 10 / hour.

Education in the UK is one of education's most advanced in the world with a team of teachers enthusiastic and curriculum quality and qualifications are internationally recognized will be an advantage for students after graduation.

Currently, there are over 800,000 international students studying in the UK - an environment of high quality education. In particular, the UK was the father of world language study in the UK should certainly also means that you will receive training conditions perfect English from the natives.

In the UK, you can shorten the duration of a course. To obtain a bachelor's degree, you take 3 years. Master - 1 years. PhD - 3 years. That means you save expenses on tuition, appetite and more importantly at the time can not be counted out money.

In the UK, all over three thousand training facilities ready to receive international students. But schools in the UK are not classified according to the level of quality, so you should choose the school and course that suits you. Britain is a desirable destination for school students in Vietnam in particular and students in general worldwide.
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