I still remember the first months when just from Poland to the United Kingdom in 2004. Meanwhile, forgive and change the price of everything with a price at home. From say, any item would also be more expensive and salaries are many times do babysitter can not help me cover the stuff I want.

I have months to learn how to save money and live by most of my modest pocket. And believe me, that me and you like but other students out there.

Currently I work in the International Office of the University of Chester and whether for lifetime work babysitter gone, I still remember a time when strain out the ears and eyes to "blink" retrieved the small tips to help save money. Here are some of my recipes in two dining and travel stitching.

Don't be shy

Take a "vertical" advance sale area Temple map discounts in supermarkets. In the major supermarkets in the UK often have promotional programs for the products near the expiration of use. Initially they will decrease from 10-20%, but after that, the remaining products will be reduced to 70-80%. You should find out where is the discount at which the employee and the bargaining can sometimes slightly (making this the now popular again because discount products would also have price stickers available in addition to the package and particularly in the major supermarkets, you of course can not "negotiate" with a money machine and then automatically).

Markets and General cooking

Those of you in College, you can invite them to go the market and General cooking. This does not only save money (Cook alone are often more expensive and you will tend to eat a dish of identical in many days) but also the opportunity to help you taste the dishes from around the world.

Use the loyalty card

Many supermarkets have a loyalty program that lets you earn points each time a payment and receive the coupon promotions into the month. For example, with a coupon of Tesco, you probably will be reduced to 10 pounds for 30 pounds-valued purchase.

Please use the coupon
If you want to eat out, there are many sites like Groupon to VoucherCodes Kgbdeals, and get the coupons to buy-one-give-two for food and many other products. In Chester, there are many discount stores for students on a certain number of days. Such in the Wok shop & Go, one of the favourite food of students University of Chester, you will buy two boxes of pasta with just £ 6.60 on the third day. Some restaurants also spent some cheap private menu (before 5 pm) at the end of the week as Pizza Hut pizza, salads, dishes with drinking water with only 6 tables. I even could not eat this menu section despite trying.

One of the Pub (tavern) in Chester to be selling "English breakfast" with tea or coffee-two breakfast dishes with just 10 pounds. Toby Carvery's Full English is a "channel" the store allows you to eat all-jewelry-Yes-possible only with 3.99 pounds.

After the food, I also have a hobby is travel.

Whether you come to the United Kingdom with the aim of learning but also should take out a sum of money to the country to visit Europe.

There are many cheap airlines, of which the most common is Ryanair, with many flights to most major cities in the u. For example, a round-trip flight from the UK to Poland will spend as long as your 40 pounds. If you just want to travel within near the Megabus is a choice not to be missed. If the bear order tickets early, you will be able to buy a ticket from Manchester to London for under 5 pounds!
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