Food, consumer goods: 145 to 260 pounds/month

As in many countries in Europe, prices for food and consumer goods quickly in the UK is quite expensive. When calculating this fee, you need to prepare for a range of widgets as a washable, kitchen items, SOAP, shampoo, ... Accordingly, depending on the spending habit, you can spend from £35-£ 55 per month or more to purchase sundries, household.

An average meal at a restaurant in the UK take about £12. If self cooking then you will have to spend a lot of costs for the purchase of raw materials in the supermarket, but anyway this is still saving schemes than go eat out or buy food available. If you choose this approach, you should limit spending in budget £25-£ 42/week.

Of course when made friends and familiar with you into the House, you can discover many more intelligent ways as "contributing rice rice blows" with friends and buy wholesale in cheap supermarkets to take advantage of great rates.

Travel expenses, Internet, phone, and other gadgets: 70-150 pounds/month

If you're living in the dorms of the school room rental costs most likely will include gas, electricity, water and Internet. Also if the rent, you will have to pay the account. So, many students choose to rent with friends to reduce costs. This clause can be in any level, from £ 10 per week for the entire Bill, depending on the time of year.

Phone cost less money for £ 15/month, know that the cost of mobile services will vary depending on the provider and package you are using. DSL/Internet services: most companies charge £ 5 per week basis for a standard DSL line in England.

An account can not count as public transport, at about £540-£ 600 per year. In cases where the distance from home to school is not too far, let's take the bike or walk into the season the weather is favorable. If going by public means, every week you need to spend less for £10, much more than if you live in London. So, you remember know the distance from home to school when choosing accommodation.

Books and learning materials 600 pounds / year

Depending on the course, you will probably spend at least £ 30 per month for books and other materials. The study subjects of Finance or Business as usually very expensive, can be up to 40, 50 pounds / vol. According to the experience of the Vietnam International Students in the United Kingdom, of the other majors may be cheaper, but there are subjects you will have to buy 2.3 books a while so it is best that you take advantage most school libraries or e-books. In addition to books, you should spend about £ 7 a week for expenses such as printing, pens, notebooks ...

Savings in everyday life

There are many small things that are not small ideas, helping you to save money in every day living habits. One of this is the "investment" a NUS discount card with only 10 pounds. This card will help you get more than 20% discount at many restaurants, stores like Topshop or Pizza Express, as well as all insurance providers.

Before you buy something, you should also check our prices on the internet to find out where the cheapest sale. Voucher Codes Web sites such as Discount Voucher Codes and will help you buy promotional price, while sites like Groupon and KGB discount is also a frequent destination of students.

If you are living with many people, everyone can find the plan to buy wholesale to save costs, especially for food and household items. Programs such as "buy 1 get 1 free" in supermarkets with products such as fruits, vegetables, pastries ... of course should not be ignored.
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