If you compare the size of the UK with other countries in the world, this is a small country, but this does not mean that you will not get lost while living or traveling here. To prevent this, you can follow the information below to know how to tinker with the upcoming journey.
If you've just arrived in a strange city, the easiest way to shape the direction is to use a paper map. Although not as fast (as not automatic) such as a GPS locator or online journey planner, this will be the best way to get your brain working. At that time, your memory will also accumulate information longer.

You should buy a detailed map, covering a large area to be used for a variety of purposes. Most families in the UK often have a local or national map (A-Z). You can also buy this map at the good A-Z website at book stores for £ 9.95. To save, you can also buy at second-hand stores or sites like Ebay or Amazon. The important thing is that the map must be updated with the closest actual information.

Carrying a map may be a bit inconvenient, so you can also choose to buy miniature or specialized maps. If you are traveling in London, you can choose a travel map to get information about interesting attractions or public transport.

Electronic and web applications

Thanks to modern technology, you can find applications that make journeys for users. Just enter the destination and destination information, you will be guided by these applications to take specific steps on time, means, distance ... These applications can often be downloaded to your phone, very convenient. profit.

Asking "Local person"

In addition to maps and technology applications, you can also look to "Local person", who are also familiar with roads. This is also a great way to make friends. The first few weeks are the time you will be meeting with a lot of people, from school to campus, so make the most of it and explore the city with new friends. If not, you can also ask "seniors" about interesting places, especially student-friendly.
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