Birmingham is a large city located in the West Midlands, United Kingdom. Is one of the largest industrial centers in the world, Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom. Located between London and the port city of Liverpool, Birmingham is not just great looks to be convergence of nature of Britain but also bringing in young stroke very own modern. The proud city built on industry development, Birmingham was also dubbed the "city of a thousand trades".
Select the flight journey experience
  • From Vietnam, you have so many ways to get to the city of Birmingham:
  • Choose from landing at the Birmingham International you will usually have to transit 1 or 2 times.
  • However that you do not want to transit in other countries. You can also fly straight and landed at London's Gatwick Airport. Then catch the train from Birmingham New Street Station or walk on the coast to save costs.
Transportation in Birmingham

  • Walking or biking for you would rent near campus and is located in the downtown area. Just had the opportunity to work out which save for you.
  • Bus and metro is the solution for your home. You can buy tickets in and use the student card to get discounts. Using public transportation is an appropriate choice to save costs as well as you will have the opportunity to look at the street more sultry brunette.
  • And try at least once to experience the famous waterway canal system, is also characteristic of the UK in this city

As well as in other cities, in Birmingham you can stay in the dormitory, homestay or rent private housing. According to the experience of the student you here you should rent in common together to save costs. If the rent in downtown (city centre) at a total cost of about 150 houses in the table/month includes all types of bills such as electricity, water, internet, etc. with you in addition to the rental fee, the Center is also about that range but you will take charge take the bus. But the return is in a quiet space and not in the transplant. The selection of houses, have to depend and personality and the cost of each person.

Work experience

In Birmingham, there are many places to find part time job or in your school. You can view the message boards around the field, look in the local newspaper, in the Centre of employment and career counselling office of the school. Currently many schools had the job centre-is where announcements about the part-time work or work during holiday. In addition, you can also ask the students to showcase you work at the store or at the Vietnamese Chinese Quarter.

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