Some American universities require first-year students to live in the school's dormitory. At first, this makes you a little disturbed by the cost of renting an apartment off campus with a few others saving up to 1.5 times more than you would in a dormitory. However, for an international freshman, life in the dormitory will give you a lot of benefits.

1 / Dormitories facilitate easier integration
For international students or even American students, perhaps this is the first time to leave the parents' arms to start an independent life. To overcome the initial strangeness, they excitedly made new friends. They are more friendly, willing to greet and actively participate in activities organized by the school. Therefore, you will have plenty of opportunities to increase your cultural literacy and English language skills by interacting with other skin, culture, and language friends. And once you have a good knowledge of culture, history, religion, society, and language, learning at school is much easier to understand and interesting.

2 / Dormitories have comfortable and modern facilities

Dormitories have cafeterias, computer rooms, gyms, book stores and restaurants like Taco Bell or Panda Express. Some hostels have a movie theater and a comfortable swimming pool. The amount you pay every year gives you the opportunity to use all these utilities.

3 / Dormitories help with transpotation problems
Studying in the US, forget about being able to step out on the road to a market, supermarket, grocery store or restaurant like in Vietnam. Supermarkets and shops are located far away from each other and follow a different residential area. If you do not live in cities with developed public facilities like San Francisco, New York, or Boston, you certainly have difficulties.

Besides, in the days when the first days of being new and fresh to the US, almost 100% of international students do not have bicycles or cars, so even if you rent an apartment near the school, it is possible to walk 20-30 'each. day is normal.

4 / Dormitories help you eat enough food and moderation
Many dormitories do not install kitchen equipment in the room and force students to register for food packages. Depending on your needs, you can choose a package for the whole week or just on weekdays. Diverse menu with main courses full of nutrients is changed daily, not boring. You can delight in choosing the right dishes because the meals are served buffet style. In addition, these packages also include a certain amount of money that allows you to occasionally dine at restaurants operating on campus.

5 / Dormitories give you a job close to home
US law only allows international students to work up to 20 hours per week on campus. Students must have Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) to be able to work outside the school. However, the first year international students can hardly get these work permits because CPT requires you to complete the first year or OPT for students who want to find work and work in the US. about a year after graduation.

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