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The 'Dream Kitchen' competition has come close to the end of the journey

Updated: 16 Aug, 2019 lúc August 16, 2019

'Dream house kitchen' - The contest organized by rock brand VICOSTONE and electronic newspaper VnExpress went to the final chapter.

Participating in the contest started with the heartwarming stories about the emotional story in the family kitchen, these contestants won convincingly and received attractive benefits both physically and spiritually from the beginning. organized the "Dream Kitchen" contest.
After two attractive rounds, 3 final winning entries were revealed, 3 kitchens received attractive prizes on the journey of "transforming" to become a dream kitchen for every homeowner.
The meeting was unexpected, full of emotions
Winning at the "Dream Kitchen" contest, each contestant will receive a package of construction and renovation of a VND 300 million kitchen based on his own wishes and design advice from every architect. head. Significant rewards are presented by representatives of the Organizing Committee and sponsors VICOSTONE, Host of the program and the representative of the Architect unit. The winners couldn't help but feel excited, surprised by the devotion and affection of the organizers to each family.
The Dream Kitchen Contest has gone near the end of the journey - Photo 1.
Ms. Phan Thi Dieu Thao was touched when she received the prize from photographer Na Son - Program host and representative of VICOSTONE brand and architectural unit
At the first meeting, the parties had lively discussions about the content of the contest and the new kitchen design perspective. After listening to feedback from the host, the architects have made the adjustment plan more suitable to the needs of the whole family while maintaining the main design idea of ​​the kitchen. The construction plan was quickly unified, the first work of the "rebirth" journey for the kitchen immediately began.
Journey to make dreams come true
If the dream kitchen is made up of sentences from emotions, then the journey of turning those kitchens into reality is the contribution of many people, from the initial survey process, to choosing each material. , every piece of furniture comes to the actual construction. In that journey, the host received the support of not only Architect, Host, but also from the sponsor unit of VICOSTONE premium quartz stone brand.
The Dream Kitchen competition has gone near the end of the journey - Photo 2.
Host Lam Vi Da and her family, Nguyen Thi Hong and Architects, select stone faces at VICOSTONE stone showroom
The dedicated advice in a multidimensional perspective has helped homeowners make the right decisions about the interior colors and the main materials of the kitchen to suit their needs. In particular, the process of direct contact with materials, understanding and exchanging information with counselors at the VICOSTONE showroom also helps homeowners better understand and feel secure about product quality.
Not only the interior, the kitchen table - the part showing the main face of the kitchen, but also the small kitchen and decorative items also have the attention and investment worthy to bring the perfect beauty to the kitchen. . From decorative flower vases, tissue boxes, cutting boards and spice jars ... are all hand-picked by Host and homeowners, according to the tastes and tastes of the host.
Cuộc thi Bếp nhà trong mơ đã đi gần cuối chặng đường - Ảnh 3.
Each of the smallest items is chosen by the owners themselves
Passionate companions
Trên chặng đường hiện thực hóa ước mơ, các gia chủ còn nhận được sự hỗ trợ không thể thiếu của người bạn đồng hành - những người đã chắp bút cho từng nét vẽ trên phối cảnh 3D của Vòng 2 - những đội ngũ kiến trúc tài năng. Đội ngũ kiến trúc sư đến từ ROOM+/P+P Design & Construction và Ray Architecture đã dành nhiều thời gian, công sức để trực tiếp tham gia vào từng công đoạn xây dựng căn bếp mới. Với kinh nghiệm "chinh chiến" trên nhiều dự án kiến trúc lớn nhỏ, niềm đam mê sự tâm huyết với những căn bếp, tổ ấm yêu thương, họ đã làm việc ngày đêm để vừa đáp ứng tiến độ thi công vừa đảm bảo chất lượng và giá trị thẩm mỹ cho căn bếp theo mong muốn của chủ nhà.
Cuộc thi Bếp nhà trong mơ đã đi gần cuối chặng đường - Ảnh 4.
Kiến trúc sư khảo sát thực trạng trước khi làm mới và thi công căn bếp
Và hơn cả giá trị vật chất, cuộc thi "Bếp nhà trong mơ" còn mang lại giá trị tinh thần lớn lao cho thí sinh và gia đình. Một căn bếp mới không chỉ đem đến cho gia chủ một niềm vui mới, nguồn cảm hứng mới trong công việc nấu nướng hàng ngày mà còn tạo nên sợi dây kết nối tình cảm gia đình thông qua một không gian mới mẻ để những bữa cơm gia đình thêm trọn vẹn. Đây cũng là cơ hội tuyệt vời để những thí sinh được thể hiện mình, được kể câu chuyện về ngôi nhà và gia đình mà mình yêu thương nhất.
Currently, all three kitchens are in the final stages of perfection. The complete look of the "Dream Home Kitchen" will soon be announced on the official information channels of the competition. In particular, the 3 episodes recorded the journey of realizing the dream kitchens of three winning contestants expected to air on August 10, 2012, promising to become a new "spiritual dish". the interest of the national audience.